The challenge of a job that doesn’t meet your needs – Covid Related Article

The challenge of a job that doesn't meet your needs - Covid Related Article

“Psychologically, we as humans like to connect to a higher purpose,” says Angela Howard, an organisational psychologist based in Chicago. “Career is a big portion of that. When something disrupts that, you feel like you’re not contributing to society.” People often think of burnout as having too much work, she says, but “when you’re not challenged in the workplace and you’re not engaged, that takes energy from you”.
the importance of keeping in touch with your professional network and peers. Although it’s easy to emotionally isolate – particularly where social distancing is the norm – Norris says that’s the opposite of what you should do. By hiding your underemployment, “you miss out on moral support and job leads. It’s those weak ties that help us find those opportunities.” #worklife #covid19respons


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